Membership DJ January 27, 2023

Become a member of Prairie Food Link

As a member, you will have the opportunity to engage with world-class, experienced food and ingredient CEOs, facility operators, innovators, and investment experts, to troubleshoot solutions with others who have dealt with similar issues.  You will also have the opportunity to connect with research and development facilities, educational institutions, provincial and federal government representatives along with members of the supply chair that supports this industry.

Membership includes food and ingredient processors and retailers of all sizes, educational institutions, R&D facilities, government, investors, financial institutions, and Indigenous economic development organizations.

Members must be operating in Saskatchewan and active in food and ingredient processing or supporting this sector.

Current Membership:
Check out the SaskAgrisource Website for information to connect with our current membership.

If you want to become a Prairie Food Link Member:
Contact Joanne Baczuk

Member Benefits

Membership opens the door to networking events and expertise of the Prairie Food Link community and its leaders, but the real value comes from actively engaging with others who have each ‘been there, done that’ both locally and globally.


Working together inspires innovation to better serve our industry and create solutions for a responsible future.


We hold monthly events in person to educate and encourage networking among our members.


Speak with industry experts to help you through any challenge you may be facing and share your knowledge to help others along the way.

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